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Ellendale United Methodist Mother's Day Out is a small children's program with a BIG heart!

About the Director:

Hi! Welcome to Ellendale United Methodist Mother's Day Out! My name is Christine Moranville. I am director of Mother's Day Out. 

A little about me...

As I mentioned before, my name is Christine Moranville. I am wife to James Moranville and mother to three beautiful boys-- Michael, Christopher, and Samuel. I live in the beautiful city of Bartlett, Tennessee and have lived there my whole life.

A little about my background...

I am a member of Ellendale United Methodist Church and have been since I was five years old. I was confirmed in this church, married there, and all my kids have been baptized there. I graduated from Bolton High School in 2002. I went on to attend Lambuth University in Jackson, TN, where I graduated in 2006 with a major in elementary education and received my Bachelor's of Science degree. Immediately I began teaching in the Shelby County School system-- mostly first grade (which I loved!). While teaching in the school system, I went back to school again. This time, I attended Union University at Germantown, and graduated in 2010 with my Master's of Education degree. I worked for the Shelby County School System for eight years until I decided to take a little break and do something different for a little while. For the next four years I worked for my family's business doing inside sales. The call of taking care of children never left me though. That call led me to where I am now-- the proud and excited director of Mother's Day Out at Ellendale Methodist Church. 

A little bit about Ellendale MDO...​


I have always loved children and teaching them. I have watched and learned from my own sons' childcare experiences what I believe makes a truly well-rounded childcare experience. Here's what I firmly believe Mother's Day Out will do for YOUR child:


*Prepare him/her for kindergarten

*Promote appropriate social interaction with peers

*Foster a love of learning

*Be a warm, safe, and loving environment

*Be a place where your child can have FUN and yet learn at the same time!

So, sign up today, and take a ride with us!

Kids Blowing Bubbles
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