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About the Director:

Hello and welcome to Ellendale United Methodist Mother's Day Out!


My name is Angela Willoughby. I am director of Mother's Day Out. ​

I am a dedicated and passionate educator with a deep commitment to early childhood development. As the MDO Director, I bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and a nurturing approach to creating a vibrant learning environment for young children.

Beyond my role as Director, I enjoys spending time with my own family, singing, and pursuing my passion for baking and cake decorating. 


I am a lifelong learner. I actively seeks professional development opportunities to stay abreast of the latest research and best practices in early childhood education. My dedication to ongoing growth and improvement reflects my commitment to providing the highest quality education for the children entrusted to our care.

With the team we have built, Ellendale United Methodist MDO has become a place where children's potential is nurtured, families feel welcome, and a love for learning is ignited.  Our MDO continues to be a beacon of excellence in early childhood education, preparing children for a lifetime of success and fulfillment.

Here's what I firmly believe Mother's Day Out will do for YOUR child:


*Prepare him/her for kindergarten

*Promote appropriate social interaction with peers

*Foster a love of learning

*Be a warm, safe, and loving environment

*Be a place where your child can have FUN and yet learn at the same time!

So, sign up today, and take a ride with us!

Kids Blowing Bubbles
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